The Archives of the Section of History of Medicine

Ilaria Bonincontro, Costanza Lisi


The Section of History of Medicine of the Department of Experimental Medicine and Pathology of the Rome University "La Sapienza" keeps the Archives of Angelo Celli, Amico ad Francesco Bignami, Giuseppe Sanarelli. The Archives, primarly composed by medical notes, note books, correspondence, have been reorganized and an inventory has been made ad computerized. The documents of the scientists Celli and Bignami testify their contribution to the study of malaria and of the pathological anatomy of the infection; Sannarelli's notebooks allow to reconstruct his scientific career. During the inventory, various groups of documents belonging to Alessando Salivetti (1834-1893), Francesco Todaro (1839-1912), Giorgio Roster (1843-1927), Giulio Bizzozzero ( 1846-1901), Angelo Maffucci (1847-1903), Ettore Marchiafava ( 1847-1935), Giovanni Battista Grassi (1854-1925), Giovanni Mingazzini ( 1859-1929), Giuseppe Bastianelli (1862-1959), Vittorio Ascoli (1863-1931), Raffaele Bastianelli (1863-1961), Giuseppe Ovio ( 1863-1957), Vittorio Puntoni (1887-1970), Pietro di Mattei (1896) have been found.


Key words: History of Medicine Section - University of Rome - Malaria - Archives 

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