A Critical Edition of the Liber Athenagorae De Urinis

Arsenio Ferraces Rodríguez


The Liber Athenagorae de urinis is mostly a Latin translation of Pseudo- Galens treatise De urinis, which was published for the first time by Chartier in his edition of Galen and then by Kuhn (XIX 574-601). Such a translation, accurate and precise, was probably done in late antiquity (V-VI c.). It is entirely preserved in only one manuscript (Vat. lat. 1304, XIV c.), while another manuscript (Par. lat. 7028, X-XI c.) contains the first ten chapters and part of chapter 11; finally a third manuscript (Par. lat. 6882A, XIII c.) transmits an abbreviated version. This article presents the Liber Athenagorae de urinis (tradition, Greek source, language and style) and provides the first critical edition of the text and also of the abbreviated version.

Key words: Liber Athenagorae de urinis - Pseudo-Galens De urinis - Critical

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