Burgundio and Ioannikios' Manuscripts: Greek Marginal Annotations

Paola Degni


Burgundio of Pisa translated into Latin many classical Greek texts, among them Aristotle and Galen, by using his Greek manuscripts, mainly written by Ioannikios in Constantinople in the first half of the 12th century. These manuscripts have different Greek marginal annotations, which have been attributed to Burgundio. This essay focuses on the so-called <B> scribe, who copied, revised and annotated some of them: he had a close relationship with Burgundio, but cannot be identified with him. Moreover, the article studies the so-called <C> scribe, who should be later than Burgundio. Thanks to the palaeographical analysis, it can be excluded that the <C> hand is present in the Chis. R.IV.13, although this manuscript was probably used by Burgundio for his translation of Nemesius, De natura hominis.

Key words: Burgundio of Pisa - Ioannikios - Greek annotations

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