Burgundio's Latin Translation of Galen's Commentary on Aphorisms: Vocabulary and Chronology

Anna Maria Urso


The Greek-Latin translation of the first part of Galens commentary on Aphorisms was carried out by Burgundio da Pisa up to Aph. IV 59 included, and was completed a century and a half later by NiccolÚ da Reggio, as indicated in the manuscript Vindob. lat. 2328 and verified by a recent linguistic and stylistic analysis. Burgundio translated about twenty of Galens works; of these only two are dated, for the rest Bossier has formulated a hypothetical chronology on the basis of language and style.
The present paper studies Burgundios translation of Galens commentary on Aphorisms, discussing the possibility of establishing a chronology on the basis of language and style. This translation seems to be close to the translation of De locis affectis and may allow us to formulate the absolutely temporary hypothesis that the latter was written after the former.

Key words: Burgundio of Pisa - Galens commentary on Aphorisms - Latin

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