The Graeco-Latin Translation of Galen, De Symptomatum Differentiis

Beate Gundert


This paper applies the method developed by such scholars as L. Minio- Paluello, R. J. Durling, F. Bossier and A. M. Urso to confirm that Burgundio da Pisa is the author of the Graeco-Latin translation of the Galenic treatise De symptomatum differentiis . The results of a complete investigation of a number of particles, of selected vocabulary, and of supralinear and marginal notes in the four extant manuscripts (Wellcomensis  286, Amplonianus  F 278, Vaticanus Barberinus Lat . 179 and Matritensis  1978) are discussed in the text and presented in appended charts, together with a selective investigation of the three related treatises De morborum differentiis, De morborum causis  and De symptomatum causis . This data, assessed within the framework of the chronological development of Burgundios translation technique, not only confirms Burgundios authorship of Sympt. Diff ., but also permits a provisional localisation of this translation between those of John of Damascus, De fide orthodoxa  (1153/4) and Galen, De locis affectis.


Key words: De symptomatum differentiis  - Burgundio da Pisa  - Graeco-Latin translation

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