Female Funerary Contexts in the Ostiense Suburbium: New Data

Simona Pannuzi, Walter Pantano


This work concern several findings of the last years in funerary contexts in the Ostiense suburbiums, during archaeological investigations carried out by the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Ostia. The latest excavations provided new data to understand the width of the vast funerary area, that probably extended uninterruptedly from East to South of the ancient city of Ostia. New evidences about the funerary rituals came to light, and emerged first anthropological data referred to inhumated and cremated people from Ostia. The results, compared with those obtained from the numerous Romes necropolis, bring to a preliminary reconstruction of the burial practices in a territory directly connected with Rome, where are reported females graves of extreme archaeological and anthropological interest. 

Key words: Ostia - Necropoli - Sepolture femminili 

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