Woman as Work Force in the Imperial Rome: New Prospectives from Recent Excavations in the Roman Suburbs

Valentina Benassi, Anna Buccellato, Carla Caldarini, Paola Catalano, Flavio De Angelis, Roberto Egidi, Simona Menozzi, Stefano Musco, Alessia Nava, Walter Benedetto Pantano, Rita Paris, Lisa Pescucci


The systematic excavation of funerary sites carried out by the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma during the last years, has allowed the collection of a considerable amount of bio-archaeological data. This work try to highlights the role of the woman in the roman society as work force, examining several biomechanical stress markers in the skeleton. The sample consist of 1041 individuals, coming from areas surrounding the urban centre and the rural environment nearby the City and chronologically framed in I-III century AD. Considering together the biological and the archaeological data, we tried to understand the occupational activities in which the women could be involved. 

Key words: Woman - Work forces - Roman Imperial Age 

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