G. F. D Acquadependente and Don Carlo Medici s Gibbosity

Silvia Marinozzi, Alessandro Aruta


Don Carlo dei Medici (1595-1666) is the son of Ferdinando I (1549- 1609), Granduca of Tuscany, and becomes Cardinal of Catholic Roman Church in 1615. In 1604 Fabrizio dAcquapendente is called in Florence to treat him, because of an aggravation of his health, and of his congenital necks gibbosity. The recent paleopathological researches have diagnosed his congenital cervical gibbosity as effect of the Klippel-Feils syndrome, and characteristic lesions of tubercolosis.


Keywords: G. F. dAcquapendente - Potts disease - Don Carlo dé Medici

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