Between Pavia and Brescia: Luigi Porta (1800-1875)

Alessandro Porro, Antonia Francesca Franchini


The authors present two records from the Ateneo di Brescia, about Luigi Porta (1800-1875), surgeon at Pavia University (1832-1875). They were written by Bartolomeo Gualla (1810-1870), Portas student and surgeon in Brescia. A manuscript concerning Portas lessons on surgery, written by Martino Tommasi, student at Pavia in 1844, and other records concerning another student and surgeon, Antonio Rota (1838-1897), are presented too. All these records allow us to define precisely some aspect of Portas bioergography, and advance some problem concerning history of Pavias surgical milieu in 19th  century.


Key Words: Surgery History 19th century Porta Luigi (1800-1875) Gualla Bartolomeo (1810-1870) Rota Antonio (1838-1897).



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