Grassi's Archives of the Museum of Comparative Anatomy of Rome University "La Sapienza"

Ernesto Capanna, Emanuela Mazzina


The documents, reprints, books, correspondence of Grassi, fround in his room at the University of Rome when he died, have been kept in the Institute of Comparative Anatomy, directed by Grassi himself from 1896 until 1925. This find keeps documents concerning the whole life of the scientist, with a special reference to the roman period. Numeous are the documents concernig his malariological studies between 1898 and 1910. A first reconaissance has been made in 1890 and then, twice in 1994 and 1998, the fund has been reorganized and an inventory of it has been made. It is collected in 48 boxes containing archivist documents, 11 boxes of reprints and other publications. The inventory of archival documents has been computerized. 


Key words: Battista Grassi - Malaria - History of Zoology

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