Life in Imperial Rome: New Data From Recent Excavations in Suburbium

Carla Caldarini, Mariachiara Caprara, Loredana Carboni, Flavio De Angelis, Stefania Di Giannantonio, Simona Minozzi, Walter Pantano, Paolo Preziosi, Paola Catalano


One of the goals of the anthropological research of the Anthropological Service of the Archaeological Superintendence of Rome is to reconstruct the hygienic-environmental living conditions of the ancient populations in Imperial Age. We considered some not specific pointers of stress in four necropolis, that are excavated in the last years in the Suburbium. In particular Harriss lines, porotic hyperostosis and enamel hypoplasia are been considered. Two shape of research have been lead: a) an analysis of the frequencies of the three factors on the data from a single necropolis and b) a comparison between enamel hypoplasia and porotic hyperostosis. The distributions of such alterations indicates the presence of light stresses.


Key Words: Roman Imperial Age - Enamel Hypoplasia - Porotic Hyperostosis -

Harriss Lines

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