Galenus Latinus, 1490-1533

Stefania Fortuna


This article provides an examination of the Latin complete editions of Galen, from 1490 to 1528, which are not all pointed ou and described by Richard Durling in his census published in 1961, in the Journal of the Warburb and Courtauld Institutes. They present the first large circulation of Galen in the Reanassaince, which was in Latin, not in Greek, as well as the constitution of the Galenic corpus. At first it was formed by Medieval translations. The humanistic translations, often of the same known texts, were printed from the edition by Pietro Antonio Rustico in 1515-16; they occupy a separate volume in both the editions of 1528, and the two supplementary volumes of the Giuntine of 1528, printed in 1531 and 1533. 

Key words: Galeno -  Rinascimento - Latino - Edizioni - Traduzioni 

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