Fireflies: Biodiversity and Environmental Ethics

Antonio Pugliese, Nicola Rombolį, Annamaria Pugliese


Small insects, as many, present on our planet, with a unique charm that, with their brilliance, on summer nights, away from the discos, exalted the spirit and stimulated emotions of all kinds: dreams, imaginations, palpitations, trepidations, feelings reclining, present in the human being. Today, almost just a reminder that leads to wonder why they have disappeared. The disappearance of fireflies becomes symbolic element, burdened with significance, to emphasize how the tumultuous rise of environmental pollution is responsible for many fatalities.

A careful analysis of the morpho-structural aspects of the biology of these special beetles, without neglecting their functions not only in the environment, but also in the spirit, is indispensable to resurrect something that belongs to us and that we have a duty to make it r rise again.

As a health indicator in the broad sense. Beetles, an infinite range of insects, which have as their main characteristic the presence of very strong front elongated, completely sclerotized and transformed into elites, with the task of covering, at rest, the posterior ones. In Italy, besides Italic Lucciola, there are other species, Lampyris noctiluca and Lampyris lusitanica. The presence of these insects in the evening hours, hot summer days in the woods and in the countryside, before the seventies, represented, in addition to the aesthetic appeal, a healthy state of the environment, an expression of organic cultivations and respectable techniques.

Food security watchers disappeared with time for environmental degradation due to the indiscriminate use of pesticides, excessive artificial lighting and the loss of their natural habitat, without neglecting climate change. This is a flashy and flashy phenomenon, which creates alarming alarms about our health. We have been orphaned with feelings and dignity, in keeping with the unbridled decadence that from art to poetry has become an inexpressible expression of knowledge.

Key words: Biodiversitą Lucciole e salute ambientale

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