Historical Epidemiology of Leukaemia Mortality in Salento (Italy) from 1902 to 2002

Maria Rosa Montinari


The aim of this study is to investigate leukaemia mortality in Salento. Leukaemia mortality in Salento's population is compared to data for Apulia and Italy, for 1902 to 2002. With particular reference to the period from 1969 to 2002, the paper looks at leukaemia mortality in male and female populations. Data on all eligible leukaemia deaths was obtained from the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). An increase of leukaemia mortality was observed both in male and female populations. Leukaemia mortality in Salento's female population was greater than amongst males.

Key words: Leukaemia - History of Leukaemia - Epidemiology

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