"Ars Mingendi cum Instrumentis": Probes, Candelette, Minugie, Catheters

Carla Serarcangeli, Gennaro Rispoli


The Museum of History of Medicine of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" has a rich collection of probes and metal catheters, some of which in surgical kits. Tracing the history of catheters, the authors follow the technical evolution in the field of urology techniques, also highlighting the intelligent craft of artisans, surgeons, barbers - and the industrial effort to ameliorate techniques. The use and the crafting of these instruments are to be related to new knowledge in the fields of urethral, vesical and prostatic occlusion. Italian contribution of the field is stressed, highlighting the original experience of Michele Troja, who invented and diffused metal catheters covered in caouthouc.

 Key Words: Retention of urine - History - Instruments

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