Ethical Debate on Stem Cell Research and Roman Catholic Insight

Andrea Vicini


The paper examines four important topics surfaced in the ethical debate concerning stein cell research. After having briefly considered, first, scientific and, second, therapeutic expectations as well as, third, the possible sources of stem cells, finally the issues related to embryonic stem cells receive a greater attention. Three insights from the Roman Catholic moral tradition are proposed as possibly related to this issue in particular. First, we refer to those conditions that allow for research on cells taken from organs or tissues as well as from aborted fetuses. Recent decisions taken in the USA and Germany concerning stem cell research are read in relation to this first insight. Second, the definition of what is material cooperation appears to be relevant. Third, the emphasis on social justice and the pro-motion of the common good express concerns shared within society.

Key words: Stein cell - Ethical debate - Roman Catholic - Embryo

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