Aldo Castellani (1874-1971). A century-long Scientific Travel.

Antonio Sebastiani, Carla Serarcangeli


Aldo Castellani is an international scientist,well known for his essential contribution to the aetiological researches on sleeping-sickness.During his career,that took him to many parts of the world,he studied a number of tropical diseases and he obtained important results,like the discovery of new therapies and some fundamental laboratory techniques.His academic career lasted about seventy years,during which he increased thanks to his works the scientific knowledge of Italian and foreign universities.Basic in his life is the period in which he headed the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the University of Rome,making important choices for Italian public health:for instance, during the Italian-Ethiopian War he proved to be an "additional weapon" for the Italian Army.He spent the last part of his life travelling, but he remained personal physician to the former Italian king Umberto II,exiled in Cascais and professor in the Tropical Medicine Institute of Lisboa.The aim of the authors,in homage to Aldo Castellani's memory,is to emend,as far as possible,the occasional errors in the papers dedicated to him.


Key Words: Castellani - Sleeping sickness - Tropical medicine teaching


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