Erasmus Abundantia Verulanus' Hjerbarium, Taxonomical, Nomenclatural and Critical Revision

Maria Lucia Leporatti, Andrea Pavesi


The Herbarium collected by Erasmus Abundantia in Horto Medico Sapientiae Romanae consists of over 600 exsiccata. They are ordered and identified according to systematic criteria of the age. Most of them are integral or partially incomplete; several rested on the paper an impression clear enought to get possible the identification of the specimens. A work was carried out in order to list and to up-date the scientific name of every exsiccata. 604 species belonging to 285 genera and to 74 families have been identified; amond these about 200 are till considered nowaday medicinal.


Key words: Erasmus Abundantia - Preliinean Herbarium

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