Did Wilhelm Kopp Possess the Par. gr. 2254 and 2255? A Study on his Translation of Hippocrates' De victus Ratione in Morbis Acutis

Stefania Fortuna


In the preface of his Greek edition of Hippocrates, published in Basle in 1538, Janus Cornarius of Zwickau mentions a manuscript of the French physician Nicolas Kopp among the textual sources used by him to review the preceding edition. It is known that Nicolas inherited the library of his father Wilhelm, who made the translations of two Hippocratic treatises, Prognostikon and De victus ratione in morbis acutis, published in Paris in 1511. It is suggested that the manuscript used by Cornarius for his edition and earlier by Wilhelm Kopp for his translations can be identified with the Par. gr. 2254 and 2255. This proposal is verified in the present article by an examination of the translation by Wilhelm Kopp of the treatise De victus ratione in morbis acutis, which is contained in the original part of the manuscript Par. gr. 2254.

Keywords: De victus ratione - Hippocrates - Wilhelm Kopp

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