Hygiene and Medicine of Saharian Nomadic Tribes: Tuareg and Tubu Compared

Vanni Beltrami


Environment, climate and habits of many saharan nomadic and partially nomadic tribes are similar: and diseases they suffer from are consequently similar. An outline is presented of two of these tribes, Tuaregs and Tubu, the most interesting because of their historical and anthropological features. The first are mainly settled in the mountain ranges of central Sahara (Tassili, Hoggar, Iforas and Air) and in the huge plain at the north of the Niger river. The Tubu people are originally from the Tibesti mountains, but are now spread farther afield and tend to be found in small number in other areas of Tchad and in oases of eastern Niger desert. The medical system that these tribes developed before the colonial presence is a mixture of logic and effective practical conduct with superstitious and ineffective spells. The use of natural drugs and the treatment of traumatic events are similar, but the hygienic customers are totally different.

Keywords: Hygiene - Saharan Nomadic Tribes

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