From the Anatomical Desk to Virtual Anatomy

Virgilio Meneghelli, Carlo Macchi, Giovanna Lupi, Francesco Pierazzoli


Teaching of gross Anatomy, the oldest between medical sciences, today suffers the lack of cadavers for notomization, therefore this subject is more theoretical than practical in medical school. The computer techniques could be very useful in this field. Is it possible nowadays to get a software of Virtual Anatomy? The answer is yes. We present in this work a review of the state-of-art of these techniques mainly based on data acquired by computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from human. Serial slices obtained from imaging (CT or MRI) can be reconstructed using computers in order to generate a realistic view of the surface of an anatomical object.

Keywords: 3D visualization - Anatomical atlas - Computers - Teaching Aids.

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