Caught From Inside: The Other Side of Life

The project “Caught from Inside: the Other Side of Life” aims to deep- en themes borrowed from European and International law, as well as from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN and from Medical Deontological Ethics, in order to awaken the interest and in- crease Medical and Law students’ awareness on the topic of inmates’ fundamental rights. The project raised from the collaboration between ELSA Italia, ELSA Croatia, ELSA Macedonia and SISM. ELSA (the European Law Students’ Association) is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit making, independent organization which is run by and for students. It’s the world’s largest law students’ association and it is represented at nearly 300 law faculties in41 countries across Europe with membership in excess of 40000 stu- dents and young lawyers. [...]
Title:              Caught From Inside:The Other Side of Life.                 
                       An overview on the rights of prisoners
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